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December 26, 1996



Medical Student

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A Brief Introduction

non-premed medical student hopeful to improve even for at least 1% every single day

Why are you passionate about what you do?

I need to be passionate about what I do. If I will not, how will I grow in knowledge and in wisdom? 🙂

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

In 5 years’ time, I hope to be a full-fledged ministering physician working in a hospital, in a community, and at the same time be able to teach part-time. Hopefully, I will have a boyfriend by then who will also grow with me and whom I can submit to. Hehe.

How would you define success?

Success is when you are able to please your Master.

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?

Currently, I usually think of what I am about to do for the day. What books to read. What to do. And I keep on thinking about people I hold dear to my heart – yes almost every day.

What are you most grateful for in your life?

I am most grateful for the gift of life, brain, music, and few relationships!

How do you balance work and leisure?

To balance work and leisure is to enjoy your work as already a kind of leisure. Be amazed at what you are doing. Stay curious! Be patient on learning.

How would your friends describe you?


What do you do to de-stress?

Listen to music! Read non-academic books.

Is financial success important to you?

Yes, it is important. But what I believe is most important is a balance of contentment and of striving.

What is the quality you admire in others?

I admire people who help other people, out of their willful hearts, without looking for praise.

What is your greatest achievement?

I do not know yet. 🙂

What was the best phase of your life?

College years. I had lots of wonderful experiences on our campus. Shooting stars. Seas. Fishes. Chemical laboratories.

Who has influenced you the most?

Mom, the songs I listen to, the books I have read, and the people I have followed.

What qualities do you think are important in a family?

It is important for family members to outdo one another in honor. Love for God, love for each other.

What will people say about you at your funeral?

I hope they would say I have been a blessing to them, one way or another. And that they will miss me.