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  • Gabriel Baluyut

    Maggio 23, 2021 at 11:23 am
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    Hello Erina!

    I love replying to your messages because they make me think too and exactly. In the UK, a lot of the “wider crowd” who had no medical background or who weren’t exposed to healthcare professional’s perspective in the hospital/GP, thought that Covid wasn’t as serious. This is why I believe people who works in healthcare need to raise more awareness and publicised what’s happening inside the hospitals without filter, because it definitely isn’t all happy and we don’t always save everyone.

    To be honest, yes I wasn’t prepared. They teach you the theory and the practicals, but it’s very different for when you’re facing real life situations. However it was definitely not too early, because the earlier you are exposed to clinical placements, the more practise and experience you’ll get – so you will be a lot more competent and you’ll also reinforce the knowledge you’ve learned in theory. You will just become an overall better clinician.

    Extra time on the books would have not been beneficial in my opinion. Most of the time, the patients present differently in comparison to the books anyways. Then once you’re in placements, you will also have time to go to teachings (where consultants/surgeons teach you) and you’ll also have after work to study more, so it’s not like you can’t study whilst on placements.

    Yes exactly! It’s a lot better to simultaneously do theory and practical at the same time. 😇