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ארי חורש · דצמבר 20, 2020

Study Medicine In English In Italy – IMAT 2021 Online Course

EnterMedSchool’s IMAT Course – a Warm Welcome

שלום לכולם! קוראים לי ארי חורש, אני סטודנט שנה שנייה ללימודי רפואה באוניברסיטת פאביה. ברוכים הבאים לקורס האיימט שלי! בתור סטודנט לרפואה, אני מודע למצב בשוק - השוק מלא במכינות ובקורסים און ליין יקרים מאוד והרבה אנשים לא יכולים לאפשר לעצמם לשלם כל כך הרבה עבור מכינות. אחרי עבודה של כמעט שנתיים אני משחרר את הקורס החינמי למבחן האיימט!

במהלך הלימודים למבחן עצמו ולאחר המבחן הבנתי שללמוד לבד למבחן זה אפשרי לחלוטין - והאמת, למידה עצמאית היא משהו שכדאי לתרגל עוד לפני שמתחילים לימודי רפואה - רוב החומר שאני לומד באוניברסיטה הינו חומר שאני לומד ממקורות חיצוניים ובאופן עצמאי.

Ever since I am a medical aspirant, I am working full time (while studying medicine) on this project, and after 2 years of hard work, collaboration with multiple institutions (such as Rice University, USA), reqruiting dozens of volunteers and collecting donations from amazing and generous people with the same mindset as we have here on EnterMedSchool – I was able to work on the most comprehensive online IMAT course that is available today, and release it to the public for free.

When I initiated the non-profit project “EnterMedSchool,” I had no idea how big it would get. However, last year (2020), we ran a free crash course zoom class (12-hour marathon before the IMAT exam), and we helped thousands of students from all over the world take and pass the IMAT exams. I actually have a couple of friends that used EnterMedSchool themselves last year!

After more than two years of working on the biggest project in my life, I am more than excited to announce the official beta release of the most comprehensive IMAT course available today.

I would like to thank the Patrons and donors for helping us reaching so far.

הקורס הזה נכתב על ידי סטודנטים לרפואה מאיטליה שעברו את מבחן האיימט בעצמם, והוא זמין לכולם, לגמרי בחינם.

What Is The IMAT Exam?

IMAT stands for International Medical Admission Test, it is the entrance exam for Italian public medical schools. The exam is in English as it is composed by a British company called Cambridge Assessment, visit their website to learn more information. If you wish to study medicine in Italy, in English, you must take the IMAT and generate a competitive score that will be the sole basis of your admission to the program. The score on this exam determines the success of the application. Therefore, it is crucial to obtain a high score. However, before we jump into studying, let’s first learn about the nature of the exam.

IMAT Exam Structure

לבחינה 60 שאלות אמריקאיות עם 5 תשובות אפשריות. הבחינה אורכת 100 דקות (אלא אם יש לכם הארכת זמן, ואז אורכה מוארך ב30 דקות). אין מחשבונים, מילונים או כל עצמאי עזר כזה או אחר. 

IMAT Exam Format

The IMAT exam has five sections: Logical reasoning, general knowledge, biology, chemistry, and math/physics.
– General Knowledge = 12 questions
– Logical Reasoning = 10 questions
– Biology = 18 questions
– Chemistry = 12 questions
– Math/Physics = 8 questions (combined)

The IMAT exam is quite similar to a high-school’s standard level exams. In the course we will cover all of the topics of the exam. Along the course you will see that we study the subject in further detail than is required for the exam, but it will allow you to develop a strong grasp on the knowlednge requiered, and also to cover some of the content you will study during your first semester in medical schools in Italy. 

Is this course sufficient to study for the IMAT exam?

Yes. While studying solely from this course is not something you are likely to do during your preparation, the course covers all IMAT topics (but math, which will be ready before IMAT 2022). We highly suggest using our study planner from 2020, which will allow you to follow pages from Pearson’s Biology and Chemistry books along this course. Using our course together with specific YouTube video that we reccomend along the course and Pearon’s books, will definetly help you prepare for the IMAT exam efficiently.

How is this course structured?  

Our IMAT Course is composed out of 120 Lessons. Each lesson is divided into different topics, containing youtube videos, explanations, and a summary of the topic. At the end of each lesson, you will find some practice questions that we either wrote ourselves or sources from similar exams and open-source books.

How can I study for the IMAT using this course?

To study for the IMAT exam using this course, you should choose any subject and study it in the same order we organized the course. We highly suggest starting from Biology and Logical thinking. After reading a topic, make sure to read the equivalent pages from Pearson’s book using the IMAT study guide. We will also suggest specific videos and YouTube channels you can supplement your studies with. In the future, we will publish flashcards (Anki) for the IMAT exam as well.

What should I do after completing all lessons?

After completing all lessons and the relevant pages from the books we mentioned, you should start practicing the questions of similar exams. The BMAT exam is a similar exam that we recommend sourcing questions from. Luckily for you, we sourced all BMAT past papers questions (and more exams) and organized them so that it will be easy for you to solve a specific set of questions every day and manage your time before the exam.

After solving BMAT questions, all “Daily dose of knowledge” quizzes, and the questions that we offer as well, you should proceed to our IMAT Simulators.

EnterMedSchool’s IMAT Exam Simulators

At the end of the course, you’ll find our IMAT simulators. These are all past-year papers that you will be able to solve under exam conditions. You will also be able to find worked solutions to past papers of both the IMAT and the BMAT on our forums, only by copy and pasting part of the question to our search bar! We are the only website to offer the worked solution of past papers for free.

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