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  • Filipe Sant’Anna

    December 17, 2020 at 12:33 pm
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    First off, luck is undeniably a thing. And here by luck I mean events in life that happen outside our power to control. Good luck or bad would be a judgement value based on the consequences of these events.

    With that said, our actions definitely shouldn’t be planned accounting for luck, that would be impractical, not to mention that the very nature of luck or chance based events is that their outcome is unpredictable. And here I’m not saying just “Oh, they’re likely or unlikely, or able to be evaluated in a statistical/probabilistic approach”, but rather events for each you really cannot account for. Be it finding 100 dollars on the sidewalk or getting a call saying that the test date for that exam you really wanted to take but weren’t that ready for was moved a month later, or even just meeting someone who will make a huge difference in your carreer.

    <font face=”inherit”>These are luck based events. We have some control over reality, however: noting and making use of that money, using the extra time to study and pass the exam, or going up to that person and developing and </font>maintaining<font face=”inherit”> a business interaction with them are things we can do to make use of said luck.</font>

    So as for your thought of fate…

    Considering that our world is a chaotic system, minute changes in two very similar lives could lead to drastically distinct outcomes. Then considering that no two lives have precisely identical sets of initial circumstances, and you got yourself your fate: the sum of these minor encounters and events that were not possible to prepare/predict/expect for, but which affect the development of events from then on. Thus, in this scenario, fate exists, but it is also very much so subject to autonomy and can be steered either way.

    Now if by fate you mean a set of predetermined events that are supposed to happen in someone’s lives no matter what? That absolutely is impossible to know if it exists or not, and no amount of discussion would provide a meaningful takeaway from believing in such a thing. In fact, it is not even passive of constructive discussion, as there’s nothing known about the topic and thus must be relegated to the realm of pure faith based beliefs.