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Home Forums IMAT Exam Some Minimum Entry Scores Drastically Changed For 2020 (Discussion) Reply To: Some Minimum Entry Scores Drastically Changed For 2020 (Discussion)

  • Stefano Lanterna

    January 7, 2021 at 2:16 pm
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    Every year scores change because everything changes, from the difficulty of the test itself, to the number of people trying, to how many students consider the Italian option as their first, or second, or even backup possibility.

    If Italy is your dream place to study and you want to be sure to pass, the safest choice is the one with the most places reserved to Extra-EU students. Also, Avoid Milan, as it has few places and it’s very requested.

    About IMAT, just do the best you can, without looking at scores of the past years. If you’ll be above most of the other competitors, you’ll be in no matter what.