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  • Erina M

    April 3, 2021 at 2:22 pm
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    Hello Gabz (for the 100th time because you’re the only one ever reads my posts :P),

    It feels good to be able to talk about specific medical situations that you may not be able to share with a wider crowd right? 😉

    I see, so your program enforces you to go through the practicals at an early stage. Sounds intense!

    Did you feel like you were not prepared enough / it was too early?

    Did you find that spending extra time on the books and theories would have been better in terms of emotional readiness as well as knowledge?

    Apparently, some MD programs are starting to incorporate practicals at earlier years too, before 3rd year when it usually starts. Memorizing and learning by theory alone has its limits in retention.

    I do believe it’s best to simultaneously do the theoretical and practical parts of the same subject. Say you’re learning Hematology; visit a hematologist to witness the work that is actually involved (direct/indirect patient interaction, possibility of surgery, alternative options for ppl in the field like going to research lab, transferable specialities). This would depend on the disease they specialize in like anemia, leukemia, blood cancer, but the point is to witness what work in a real life situation for a specific field looks like.

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