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  • Erina M

    March 27, 2021 at 6:47 pm
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    Hi Gabz!

    Thank you SO much for sharing your real, first hand experience! It was surprising and painful to read the events you had to go through. Naively, I assumed that at an early stage of a career, juniors would not be involved AS often in such situations, and that the seniors would mainly handle them. You however, have already had your fair share of scenarios dealing face to face with pain and death.

    I hear that eventually, one becomes able to process, digest and move forward with grief. But I agree with you that as humans, the scars left will perhaps never heal. Right now, I believe the following method to be the most relevant solution, and find solace in it.

    Russell Wilson, an American football player, says that after his father’s death he acquired a sense of neutrality. This is not the same as being emotionless. It’s the ability to continue on with whatever you’re doing in the moment, not letting any type of emotion, good or bad, affect your state of mind. Wilson’s internal state would not fluctuate, regardless of the the external events occurring. He mentioned that this neutrality could be leveraged to perform under high pressure situations, including in his matches.

    My secret to staying focused under pressure | Russell Wilson

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