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  • Yuan Moshi

    می 13, 2021 at 11:03 ق.ظ
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    Hello, as you know, the answer is A, so look at P and Q, you’ll see the different base pair starting from 8th base pair (G-A).

    – If it is addtion type: in Q, it must be …GGGAT or GGAGT but it is GGAT => deletion type.

    – Because it is deletion type, so the nucleotide subsequence after 8th base pair are pushed forward, but you can see that the length of P and Q are the same => there is also addition type.

    – Then, you can see in 11th and 13th base of Q are different from P (after …ATT in P is CCCT whilst in Q is GCAT)

    + 11th base of Q is substitution (substition is replaced by a base of the same kind: G, C)

    * If 11th base of Q is addtion => it must be GCCT (!!!)

    + 13th base of Q is addtion as we mentioned above, and also there is ONLY ONE addtion type in Q (if there are two => the length of two is not the same)