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Now that we’ve gone over some new methods of studying more effectively, how are you going to implement them? It’s one thing to read through and understand the things mentioned in a course but it’s another to use them to create positive, long-lasting change. The first thing that I’d recommend is to work with others who are on the same journey. There are plenty of students out there going through the same struggles as you are and you could all benefit from supporting each other. A great way to do this is right here on StudyLions. There are lots of motivated students focused on improving their studying here who you could collaborate with on your journey, offering support and different perspectives.

Focus on implementing certain habits that will help you be more productive, create an environment in your house that makes getting to work easier, start journaling, continually reflect on how things are going and how you can improve moving forward. The most important thing is to keep trying to get better and keeping in mind these concepts.

One thing you could do is to come back to the course whenever you feel you’ve fallen off track (which happens to all of us). Read through the salient parts of the course which you think will best help you and get back on the horse. Improving is a journey with ups and downs, we shouldn’t strive for constant progress, but for an overall increase over time.

We thank you all for reading through the course, participating in the streams, and supporting the project. We wish you all best of luck on your journeys and hope that we’ve helped bring you closer to where you want to be.