Medical Admission Exam Free Practice Questions

If you study for a medical admission exam (NEET-UG, IMAT, BMAT, MCAT, or UKCAT), you can practice some questions for free using the following course! I wrote these questions when I took my own medical admission exam, and I believe it will help you as well. If you need my help with any questions, make sure to post a question in the forums!

Ari Horesh · March 20, 2021 is a non-profit project initiated by Ari Horesh to provide free study materials for medical aspirants and students worldwide. This course is a collection of questions I wrote a few years ago when I took the medical admission exam myself.

The idea is to write worked solutions for all of the questions as well. If you need help with a specific question, take a screenshot of the question and upload your question to our forums!

The following course contains 700 past TSA questions for critical thinking and problem solving (for medical admission exams such as the BMAT and the IMAT) and 1500 biology and chemistry questions.

Biology topics:
  • Cellular Respiration
  • Immunology
  • Inheritance
  • Physiology
  • The Basics
  • The Cell
Chemistry topics:
  • Gas Laws
  • Grams and Moles
  • Naming Compounds
  • Oxidation-Reduction
  • Periodic Trends
  • Solutions
  • Finding Oxidation Numbers
  • Electrons Configurations
  • Converting Units | Liters-Moles-Grams
  • Balancing Equations
  • Acid and Bases


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