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  • Hashendri Wanigasooriya

    مايو 31, 2021 at 10:53 م
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    Hi Dion,

    I too did London A/Levels, cambridge though, but I’m guessing its the same process. so please do fill me in =) Are you applying with pending results too?

    As far as I know, the pre enrollment through the univeritaly site is all you need to do. pre enrollment is to let your university of choice know that you will be applying there. If you have pending results, you have to send an email to your choice of university, telling them that you need to apply without your final result. They will tell you what to do. As a non EU student you can only apply to one university.

    But technically you need to have your DOV to finish the application. In section ‘C’ you have to scan and upload your documents. The DOV and what ever the embassy says that you have to have (Which Im not sure of yet either) basically the DOV is a document which verifies that our 12 years of education is equivalent to the education in Italy. you need your O/Level and A/Level original documents from the ministry of education, and then get it legalized by the ministry of foreign affairs, then send it to the embassy to convert it into the DOV. right now due to the travel restrictions I got my result sheet delivered home, you can request for it through the department of examinations. and the embassy too has a courier service done by the company “pronto”, you can read up all about it and the form to fill on their website. I did do research extensively about this and hopefully I’m right. There are many You Tube videos and articles on this , they will be helpful. please do let me know if I’m missing out on something =)

    Good Luck!